Bakken Classic Fishing Derby





Fishing for a Cause

The Bakken Classic Fishing Derby is a charity fishing tournament held in July of each year at the Four Bears Casino Marina near New Town, ND.

The Bakken Classic is limited to 100 three-person teams. Participants must be members of the Bakken Classic Club, which is $100 per person. Proceeds for the tournament go toward conservation and outdoor heritage projects.

Since 2013, the Bakken Classic has helped raise more than $65,000 for habitat and conservation programs in North Dakota.

2021 champions: Kole Brown and Ira Walter

10th annual

Bakken Classic Fishing Derby

The 10th Annual Bakken Classic Fishing Derby will be held on July 19, 2023 at the Four Bears Casino and Marina. This charity tournament is open to Bakken Conservation Club members and is limited to 100 three-person teams.   


7:15 a.m. – Flight One boats in the water

7:30 a.m. – Flight One shotgun start – Pontoon will wave you off

7:45 a.m. – Flight Two boats in the water

8:00 a.m. – Flight Two shotgun start – Pontoon will wave you off

2:00 p.m. – Scale opens

2:30 a.m. – Flight One boats must report back & weigh-in (Check in with pontoon if ramp is backed up)

3:00 p.m. – Flight Two boats must report back & weigh-in (Check in with pontoon if ramp is backed up)

3:30 p.m. – Social and awards
Dinner sponsored by Weatherford


  1. Each team shall have one (1) individual fisherman who is a member of the Conservation Club Contributor ($300 donation) OR an employee of a company that is a contributor.
  2. All non-Native American participants 16 years or older must possess a North Dakota fishing license. Native American participants 16 years or older must possess either a state or tribal fishing license.
  3. Team consists of no more than three (3) fishermen per boat.
  4. All anglers must be in the same vehicle at the time of inspection and boat launch.
  5. Teams will be divided into two flights:a. Flight One: all boats must be in the water by the main ramp by 7:15 a.m. with shotgun start at 7:30 a.m. A pontoon will wave a flag to signal your start.b. Flight Two: all boats must be in the water and gathered in the bay on the west side of point by 7:45 a.m. with shotgun start at 8:00 a.m. A pontoon will wave a flag to signal your start.
  6. Each fisherman is allowed to fish with two (2) rods.
  7. This is not a catch and release tournament.
  8. Weigh-in will be the top six (6) fish of each boat, with a maximum ten (10) fish per boat. Culling is not allowed. Once you have kept 10 fish you are done fishing and must weigh in. Patrol boat checkers will be randomly boarding boats to check fish. Non-compliance will result in disqualification.
  9. No fish other than walleye, sauger or saugeye shall be allowed in boats. Minimum fish length is 14 inches.
  10. Flight One boats must be back at the Marina and checked in with a Patrol Pontoon by 2:30 p.m. Flight Two boats must be back at the Marina and checked in with a Patrol Pontoon by 3:00 p.m.a. Five (5) minutes late will result in a 10% dockage of total weight.b. Teams more than five (5) minutes late will be disqualified from weigh-in. Official weigh-in will follow.
  11. All participants must have life jackets on while traveling above trolling speed.
  12. All current North Dakota Game & Fish Department and Three Affiliated Tribes Game and Fish regulations must be followed.
  13. 75% of entry fees will be paid out in prizes.


If you have any questions, contact Tessa Sandstrom at or 701-557-3972.


Wednesday, July 19, 2023


Four Bears Casino Marina
202 Frontage Road
New Town, ND


There is a room block for fishing derby participants and volunteers at the Little Missouri Inn & Suites in New Town. Call (701) 627-4488 and ask for a room in the North Dakota Petroleum Foundation block.


$300 Contribution* to ND Petroleum Foundation’s Conservation Club + $100 Entry Fee to Tournament

Each participant will receive a performance shirt. Click here for sizes.

*The ND Petroleum Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit. The $300 contribution to the Conservation Club supports the Foundation’s conservation and habitat programs and is tax-deductible. The $100 is the entry fee and at least 75% of total entry fees collected will be distributed as prizes per ND Game and Fish rules.


We are offering a limited number of sponsorships for this year’s derby.


Sponsor will be acknowledged in marketing materials and announcements related to the Fishing Derby and may place signage and/or put up a tent for serving.

Please contact Tessa at if interested.


Our events and efforts aren't possible without the support of our members. Thanks to all our Premier Partners for their sponsorship! Learn more about becoming a Premier Partner here

About the Bakken Classic

The Bakken Classic Fishing Derby has been held since 2013 as a charity tournament to support the North Dakota Petroleum Foundation’s conservation and habitat efforts. Funds from the Derby have helped support the Mule Deer Foundation, Pheasants Forever, Friends of Lake Sakakawea, the Foundation’s Planting for the Future program and other organizations. 

No. Team Members  Weight
66 Kole Brown, Ira Walter, Andy  Petras 22.70
28 Jason Homiston, Chip Eklund, Jeff Enzminger 21.37
39 Total Safety – Trent, Jeff and Justin Boyce 21.23
2 Larry Dokken, Channing Dokken, Brady Pelton 21.13
12 Chad Miller, Toby Hauck, Mike Krueger 21.02
32 Ryan Kopseng, Tony Hauck, Brian Mortenson 20.88
61 Anthony Muggerud, Eric Harmel , Garrett Rehak 20.68
64 Thomas Berscheid, Delbert Glaser 19.67
31 Jeremy Rudolph, Keith Nixon, Jay Weus 19.3
19 Jeff Bares, Travis Hennix, TBD 18.69
14 Grant  Slick, Evan Vettel, Rob Lindberg 18.62
59 Nick Whitney, Casey Kaubisch, Brad Arbuckle 18.22
3 Cory Ghering, Jason Hicks, Grant Veit 18.08
17 Kevin McElvaney, Ryan  Trustem, Sheldon Portwine 17.03
24 Brandon Sandvik Dakota Garmann Jacob Rogness 16.91
7 John Walsh, Tim  Furlong, Matt Leavitt 16.35
37 Sheldon Meidinger, Chris Staats, Nick Bear 16.22
15 Leif Schonteich, Brian Fettig, Jesse Becker 16.12
21 Mcain Morowskm, Mark Zimprick, Bob Wasylow 16.03
57 Greg Steiner, John Harju, Charlie Gorecki 15.89
67 Caleb Eide, Logan Stoner, Angelo Vournas 15.87
1 Tyler Dokken, Alex Vournas, Jason Haugen 15.81
55 Derek Carda, Duane Stockart, Jim Grosulak 15.6
42 Alan Lick, Tim Sandstrom, Keenan Foy 15.55
65 Joel Smelley, Garvin Leintz, Jared Daniels 15.51
58 Josh Ruscheinsky, Andy Aga, Frankie Burgard 15.24
18 Jonathan Ficek, Randy Taylor, Keith Karow 15.16
8 Cole Frenzel, Mike Gayda, Grant Miller 15.12
11 Bobb McKeehen, Lawson Rakness, Ryan King 14.95
4 Bradley Mayer, BJ Martin, Pat Knipp 14.88
25 Scott Meschke, Brad Miller, Matthew Kostelecky 14.86
22 Miller, Marquart, Starkel 14.63
62 Robert Harms, Gunther Harms, Karl Merk 14.46
44 Jeff Holte, Parker Moran, Darin Kirby 14.39
68 Sterling Sannon, Tom Giffey, Shane Smith 14.39
10 Ethan Pardon, Cody Nickle, Jesse VerBruggen 14.28
70 Zac Zaste, Nick Grad 14.16
27 Kevin Spicka, Stu Black, Perry Kovash 14.14
29 Jeff  Skaare, Jake  Geltel, Don  Radke 14.13
5 Lee Stein, Nanito Crespo, Kyle Wilson 13.99
54 Grosulak, Wymah, Barla 13.98
46 Brad Hinz, Nathan Miller, Israel  Garza 13.95
33 Austin Maxwell, Mitch Onkes, Austin Nielson 13.9
53 George Haux, Jaron Long, Adam Lalim 13.85
9 Kris Heidelberger, Tanner Jessen, Emmett Sunde 13.66
16 Ryan Schmaltz, Steve Schmaltz, Shane Cardinal 13.66
36 Darren Schmidt, Jim Hughs, John Hamling 13.59
63 Dean Arnson, Kal Beckman, Shane Lockwood 13.57
35 Brian Skabo, Todd Marmon, Brooks Holmen 13.47
50 Mac Rohr, Chris Kubas, Leeland Krueger 13.36
56 Adam Ries, Jake Jackson, Josh Halvorson 13.23
13 Kenny  Lyson, Joe Davis , Tyson Aikre 12.92
34 Derrick Hecker, Matt  Ristow , Clayton Caywood 12.56
26 Jody Tuhy, Brian Grote, Shane Klier 12.52
43 Heidi Gunwall, McKaya Hibbs, Brent Heim 12.43
6 Scott Andren, Mark Bakke, Travis Simnioniw 12.06
20 Patrick Feeney, Joey Olson,Paul Sorenson 12.02
41 Wayne Stubstad, Jory Buchweitz, Scott Plavney 11.88
23 Green Kienzle Shrader Green 11.47
47 Tom Bachmeier, Kevin Bachmeier, Matt Hirst 11.29
51 Cory Baisch, Eric Rensvold 10.92
38 Craig Seykora, Shawn Barney, Wally Hill 10.65
49 Gert Crouzer, Jackson Grahm, Jason Barolow 10.65
60 Brian Inches, Michael Peschges, Jared Lisman 9.87
48 Josh Knoll, Cody Henderson, Shaun McGregor 9.74
31 Zane Schonbinger, Freeman, Lee Stein 9.2
69 Sidney Lauver, Brad Herr, Brandon Reichenberger 7.83

Caleb Eide, Logan Stoner, Matt Fossen 13.66
Barry Bohannon, Kyle Hering, Channon Romo 13.12
Josh Swan, Ryan King, Bob McKeehen 12.30
John Walsh, Tim Furlong, Matt Leavitt 11.81
Ryan Schmaltz, Steve Schmaltz, Shane Cardinal 11.61
Jeff Skaare, Jake Geltel, Don Radke 11.50
Ryan Kopseng, Tony Hauck, Brian Mortenson 11.49
Matt Odegard, Aaron Faken, Jaret Wirtz 11.31
Grant Slick, Evan Vettel, Shane Vettel 11.23
Scott Andren, Mark Bakke, Travis Simnioniw 11.21
Craig Seykora, Jason Riopka, Greg Forseth 11.20
Kyle Lair, John Erdmann, Steven Bail 11.12
Ron Ness, Larry Dokken, Channing Dokken 10.82
John Harju, Greg Steiner, Daryl Andersen 10.74
Derrick Hecker, Clayton Caywood, Matt Ristow 10.73
Dakota Garmann, Tyler Miller, Ron Wert 10.50
Cody Nickle, Sam Hellekson, Ethan Pardon 10.50
Leif Schonteich, Brian Fettig, Cory Aijala 10.32
Cole Frenzel, Mike Gayda, Grant Miller 10.26
Zach Jackson, Tanner Jessen, Kris Heidelberger 10.23
Robert Harms, Gunther Harms, Karl Merk 10.21
Tom Berscheid, Delbart Glaser 10.11
Tom Bachmeier, Zach Zaste 10.04
Josh Santanen, Kamron Hudson, Josh Ruscheninsky 9.97
Jon Ficek, Jordan Maher, Jason Tuhy 9.90
Zach Balcom, Mike Weber, Toby Dahl 9.86
Jody Tuhy, Brian Grote, Brian Rosendahl 9.85
Kali Kukla, Kaylee Carson, Adam Ries 9.84
Matthew Kostelecky, Scott Meschke, Brad Miller 9.56
Chip Eklund, Byron Eklund, Jeff Enzminger 9.49
Todd Hartleben, Dustin Anderson, Patrick Quam 9.49
Keith Nixon, Jeremy Rudolph, Scott  Reid 9.33
Cory Ghering, Jason Hicks, Grant Veit 9.20
Zane Schonbinger, Freeman, Lee Stein 9.20
Jake Jackson, Jordan Abelseth, Emett Diede 9.18
Pat Kuipp, Ryan Fleeman, Steve Reynolds 9.11
Brian Skabo, Jon Breding, Brooks Holmen 8.97
Jeff Bares, Travis Hennix, Jason Storbakken 8.96
Brad Knutson, Craig Hystad, Chad Simonson 8.95
Joe Davis, Tyson Alkire, Tom Eagle 8.85
Mike Ness, Dave Searle, Shelly Shelby 8.84
Ryan Liudahl, Chad Goodall, Monte Roshau 8.56
Kenny Lyson, Ray Poitra, Fred Hale 8.55
Joey Olson, Rick Jore, Shawn Barney 8.53
Zach Zosel, Kevin Spicka, Wyatt Dinius 8.45
Dean Arnson, Kevin  Ralph, Sid Loomis 8.07
Trent Boyce, Jeff Boyce 7.64
Sheldon Ridenhower, Patrick Reynolds, Trevor Grandchamp 7.44
Tyler Dokken, Alex Vournas, Jason Haugen 5.52
Casey Kaubisch, Brad Arbuckle, Cory Baisch 5.23
Chad Miller, Mike Krueger, Toby Hauck NW
George Haux, Dan Aune, Phil Art NW
Stuart Black, Todd Salzer, Bill Gelsinger NW
Linda Quern, Navarr Vaira, David Jones
Heath Lodholtz, Erika Boes, Michael Kummer
Kyle Hartel, Shane Peterson, Kalen Hartel
Jeremy Wilcoxen, Josh Smith




Kris Heidelberger, Zach  Jackson, Tanner  Jessen 17.74
Ryan Wilson, Jason Sinness, Bronc Ladue 17.05
Chad  Brown, Trevor  Bohannon , Zack Schmitz,  16.77
Jason Haugen, Alex Vournas, Tyler Dokken 16.47
Ryan Kopseng, Brian Mortenson, Tony Hauck 15.49
Mark Feland, Joey Olson, Jason Warnke 15.45
Jon Ficek, Dave Solga, Zane Hollenbeck 14.72
Chad Miller, Joe Turtle, Toby Hauck   14.54
Jordan Vance, Ben Tarap, Jacob Renne 14.27
Lionie Fladeland, Josh Uran, Mitch Kok 14.19
WPX Energy Team 2 (Emmett, Joe, Cole) 14.12
AE2S 13.60
WPX Energy Team 1, Jake Jackson 13.52
Kevin McElvaney , Mark Zastoupil, Ryan  Trustam  12.65
Bob Bauer, Levi Weltikol, Dakota Garmann 12.60
Bradley Mayer, BJ  Martin, Ryan  Fleeman 12.57
Marco Pelton,Brad Patten, Jacob Jellesod 12.49
Zach Balcom, Lester Iverson, Jeff Iverson 12.48
Neil Birkeland, Alexis Kueffler, Jay Wells 12.31
Cody Nickel, John Kramer, Matt Sundby 12.16
Leif Schonteich, Brian Fettig 12.16
Barry Bohannon, Kyle Hering , Luke Romo 12.16
Dan Braun, Thomas Watroba 12.10
George Haux, Dan Aune, Billy Carlson  12.05
Health Lodholtz, Erica Boes, Michael Kummer 11.92
Lee Murphy, Shane Peterson, Bill Ormiston 11.73
Kurt Swenson, Ashley Scholl, Matt Danks 11.64
Tom Berscheid, Delbert  Glaser 11.53
Ryan Schmaltz, Steve Schmaltz, Shane Cardinal 11.43
Josh Santanen, Rich Casteel, Kamron Hudson 11.39
Scott  Meschke, Brad Miller, Matthew Kostelecky 11.31
Jim Grosulak, Dusty Grosulak, Russ Wyman 11.12
Cody Northrop, Brandon Helfrich, Tyler Miller 10.81
Jeff Bares, Travis Hennix, Steve Smith 10.70
Anthony Muggerud, Eric Harmel, Marty Amsbaugh,  10.50
Zach Dailey, Wes Hoyt, Lonnie Anderson 10.30
Tyler Schielke, Gunther  Harms, Jake Spore 10.10
Tyler Cymbaluk, Mark Weiler, Tate Wells 9.93
Brandon Baudry, Rob Larson, Dustin Burns 9.84
John Walsh, Tim Furlong, Matt  Leavitt 9.72
Kole Brown, Tayler Martin, Brad Herr 9.57
Derrick Hecker, Jeff Jackson, Mike Unrein 9.47
Sean Knutson, Kyle Hunt, Alan Lick  9.43
Trevor Vannatta, Bryan  Lien, Logan Hixon 9.39
Rebecca Zent, Jonathan Zent, Tim Larson 9.32
Kris Nielsen, Jason Hartwig, Jake Pennington 9.18
Matt Odegard, Dean Gorder, Jon Fevold 8.82
John Emerson, Jaret Wirtz, Aaron Faken 8.76
Jeff Skaare, Darin Hanson, Don Radke 8.64
Craig Seykora, Chris Morton, Danielle Dupay 8.26
Brian Grote, Brian Rosendahl, Jody Tuhy 8.24
John Harju, Greg Steiner, Daryl  Andersen 8.22
Lynn Keller, Johann Trana, Brandon Roehrich 8.09
Jason Balliet, Jason Privratsky, Steve Hartman 7.84
Josh Johnson, Tyson  Schledewitz, Shawn Reisenhauer  7.60
Darwin Krabbenhoft, Derrike Hayden, Kalen Hartel 7.59
Dallas Lund, Jay Sorenson 7.50
Jamie Adair, Travis Simnioniw, Cody Silbernagel 7.49
Scott Andren, Zach Zosel, Mika Vira 7.40
Shane Evenstad, Sam Worwa, Mike Voss,  7.37
Craig Berger, Shelley Shelby, Roger Kelley 7.32
Wade Robbins, Bob Reynolds, Joe Busch 7.24
Kylie Hersel, Wade Bail, Tom Haskvitz 6.64
Kyle Lair, John Erdmann, Steven Vail 6.13
Darren Schmidt, Chris McNinch, Brett Ingram 6.06
Tyler Erickson, Robert Fetherson, Ken Sams 5.63
Cory Baisch, Brad Baisch, Eric Rensvold 5.52
Shane Bryans, John Hamling, Jake Lesmon 5.48
Brad Knutson, Todd Knutson, Craig  Hystad 5.46
Michael Deserly, Grant Meyer, Jack Demke 4.70
Ron Ness, Larry Dokken, Dave Searle 3.60
Al Prado, Craig Barta 3.38
Chris  Pompy, Johnny Burton, Jay Beldon 3.29
Ken Paulson, Darren Carter, Westly Johnson, Jody Ground  3.19
Todd Hartleben, Derek Hungerford, Greg Schenavar 2.55
Brad Knox, Coleman Rivers, Gary Larson 2.39
Jeff Holte, Darin  Kirby, Kirby Brown,  2.24
Carson Hood, Jr., Darrell Birdsbill 2.12
Kerri Espeland, Ben Jackson, Conrad Ellis 1.76
Orrin  Frey, Pete Richter, Reese Richter 0.00
Brian Skabo, Jon Breding, Brooks Holmen
  1. 0.00
Tyler Dokken, Alex Vournas, Jason Haugen 21.29
Jordan Vance, Jacob Renne, Ben Tarap 20.56
Kevin McElvaney, Mark Zastoupil, Ryan Trustem 20.14
Jim Grosulak, Dusty Grosulak, Russ Wyman 19.49
Jason Balliet, Jason Privratsky, Joe Turtle 19.42
Jordan Abelseth, Emitt Diede, Ashley Goletz 19.28
Josh Uran, Jesse Puckett, Anne Puckett 18.96
Darwin Krabbenhoft, Kyle Hartel, Kalen Hartel 17.44
Jeremy Olson, Travis Martinson, Kenny Simmons 16.95
Casey Dollinger, Mike Lee, Jarred Williams 16.54
Scott Meschke, Brad Miller, Matthew Kostelecky 16.45
Cary Longie, Brian Longie, Craig Seykora 16.45
Tom Berscheid, Delbert Glaser, Dirk McWhorter 16.27
Zach Balcom, Lester Iverson, Dennis Reisenauer 16.15
Alan Lick, Sean Knutson, Kyle Hunt 16.04
Jeff Skaare, Jake Geltel, Nick Grad 15.72
Kyle Lair, Aaron Volesky, John Erdmann 15.66
Mark Benway, Cameron Trembath, Kris Johnsrud 15.52
Joey Olson, Rick Jore, Mark Feland 15.48
Jeff Bares, Travis Hennix, Conrad Mogren 15.20
George Haux, Dan Aune, Kevin Foreman 15.10
Justin Grimmer, Quentin Heller, Ethan Bailey 15.09
Travis Cote, Jason Sinness, Rob Kjelshus 15.04
Scott Mathson, Brian Fettig 14.92
Rob Fetherson, Gary Neal, Jesse Werner 14.80
Ryan Kopseng, Mike Reichert, Tony Hauck 14.70
Ron Ness, Larry Dokken, Channing Dokken 14.63
Steve Kyathfield, Henry Falgout, Justin Beckham 14.59
Trevor Vannatta, Bryan Lien, Brandon Nelson 14.51
Brooks Holmen, Jon Breding, Brian Skabo 14.37
Mic Kornkuen, Jeff Holte, Eric Harmel 14.27
Dallas Lund, Monty Lund, Jay Sorenson 14.26
Jaret Wirtz, Gavin Wirtz, Aaron Faken 14.26
Caleb Eide, Matt Fossen, Frank Cowper 14.24
Todd Hartleben, Steve Schweitzer 13.77
Pearl Gillespie, Max Murphy, Josh Alex 13.61
Heath Lodholtz, Erika Boes, Michael Kummer 13.49
Justin Miller, Dan Ulmer, Cody Silbernagel 13.48
Mclain Morawski, Dennis Towberman, Rob Wert 13.46
Luke Lahtinen, Craig Bell, Jason Tracy 13.41
John Harju, Grey Steiner, Daryl Anderson 13.23
Dustin Raaum, Mark Almer, Kyle Swallers 13.16
Russ Howes, Aaron Oakland, Chris Gillispie 13.12
Chad Goodall, Seth Murphy, Kory Carlson 13.11
Gunther Harms, Nick Murlo, Tyler Schielke 12.92
Paul McClennen, Jason Homiston, Mike Hubber 12.92
Michael Deserly, Brandon Lindley, Erik Jolliffe 12.89
Ryan Schmaltz, Steve Schmaltz, Shane Cardinal 12.80
Brad Knox, Coleman Rivers, Gary Larson 12.68
Dan Braun, Tom Watroba, Caleb Wyatt 12.35
Shane Bryans, John Hamling, Jake Smith 12.18
Wade Robbins, Bob Reynolds, Scott Kingston 12.05
Josh Santanen, Samuel  Lane, Travis Rynestad 11.99
Cory Haller, Dan Galster, Eric Martel 11.85
Jon Hersel, Jerry Mortenson, Cole Keeler 11.78
Johann Trana, Jamie Wyman, Shawn Benham 11.67
Chad Moberg, Jamie Moberg, Joann Moberg 11.43
Lance  Fennell, Tyson  Alkrie, Tom Giltner 11.26
Neil Birkeland, Jay Wells, Alexis Kueffler 11.25
Shawn Ruffie, Randy Perry, John Keller 11.15
Brad Knutson, Craig Hystad, Todd Knutson 10.97
Reed Murphy, Chance Scally, Derek Carda 10.92
Tyler Schledewitz, Nick Frank, Alex Verplogen 10.92
Kylie Hersel, Wade Bail, Sean Schuft 10.30
Howard Parson, Mark Fliginger, Clark Frawford 10.17
Darold Burch, Paul Pennington, Mark Lee 10.13
Ken Tupa, Dave Searle, Terry Fleck 9.97
Don Nordquist, Mike Lindsey, Derick Roller 9.80
Jake Jackson, Josh Halverson, Levi Thorson 9.76
Jeff Jackson , Derrick Hecker 9.49
Justin Scarborough, Kelly Sanders, Lon Merrifield 9.43
Trevor Speldrich, Zach Zaste, Jake Miller 9.01
Tayler Martin, Jordon Mulder, Tanner Due 8.59
Carson Hood, Joe Davis, Cory Fox 8.51
Matt Damron, Daniel Stamness 8.50
Matt Odegard, John Emerson, Wayne Olson 8.29
Cody Northrop, Jake Pennington, Jeremy Fowler 7.08
Kerry Lockrem, Levi Hieb, Derek Borud 6.98
Shelley Shelby, Lynn Helms, Mike Ness 5.92
Barry Bohannon, Toby  Romo, Luke  Romo 5.41
Dennis Helberg, Brian Hodnefield, Brandon Bradford 4.62
Kris Nielsen, Pat Greenfield, Phelps 4.27
Jesse Bradley, Steve Bradley, Jason Bradley 0.00
Tyler Cymbaluk, Mark Weiler, Travis Sauber 0.00
John Walsh, Matt Leavitt, Tim Furlong 0.00
Andrew Fisketjon, Walter Knutson, Chris Walther 0.00
Brian Lamb, Mike Sannon, Pat Fox 0.00
John Linseth, Pace Kukla, Kash Kukla 0.00
Grant Slick, Evan Vettel, Shane Vettel 0.00
Marco  Pelton, Jacob Jellesed, Tyler Staal 0.00
Joey Olson, Mark Feland, Rick Jore 24.58
Josh Uran, Jesse Puckett, Anne Puckett 22.72
Chris Schaffer, Nick McCormick, Loren Smith 22.31
Jordan Vance, Ben Tarap, Dick Wendt 22.18
Jeff Bares, Travis Hennix, Butch Helde 21.98
Travis Cote, Rob Kjelshus, Jason Sinness 21.38
Tyler Dokken, Alex Vournas, Jason Haugen 21.34
Ron Ness, Larry Dokken, Channing Dokken 21.26
Zach Balcom, Mike Byra, Mark Bakke 20.62
Brad Knutson, Todd Knutson, Craig Hystad 20.15
Drew Drosdal, Robert Drosdal, Mike Ryan 19.53
Darwin Krabbenhoft, Kyle Hartel, Kalen Hartel 19.16
Grant Slick, Brett Nodland, Shane Vettel 19.12
Jason Wolla, Jake Steffan, Jeff Wolla 18.86
Richard Bohannon, Luke Romo, Toby Romo 18.80
Scott Meschke, Matthew Kostelecky, Steve Allard 18.70
Brooks Holmen, Jon Breding, Brian Skobo 18.58
Tony Hauck, Ryan Kopseng, Brian Mortenson 18.54
Mike Ness, Peter Laviolette, Tony Straquadine 18.45
Cary Longie, John Hamling, Garret Rehak 18.41
Jim Grosulak, Bob Murphy, Tyler Velo 18.36
Wade Bail, Bob Wilkinson, Kylie Hersel 18.35
Trevor Speldrich, Jason Gilbert 18.29
Steve Haddick, George Stump, Brian Wanner 18.15
Dan Braun, Thomas Watroba, Caleb Wyatt 17.87
Terry Fleck, Dave Searle, Ken Tupa 17.64
Greg Steiner, John Harju, Ed Steadman 17.60
Jason Tracey, Luke Lahtinen, Craig Bell 17.42
Don Radke, Pat Sportman, Monica Sundhagen 16.80
Todd Hartleben, Steve Schweitzer 16.75
John Linseth, Page Kukla, Kash Kukla 16.70
Kim Parson, Mark Fliginger, Mike Armstrong 16.43
Shelly Shelby, Rob Lindberg, Joe Ness 16.05
Carson Hood, Rich Mayer, Darin Morsette 16.03
Steve Bradley, Jason Bradley, Jesse Bradley 15.96
Travis Hallam, Whitney Bell, Cory Spotted Horse 15.87
Andrew Fisketjon, Justin Scarborough, Jeremy Olson 15.68
Eli Williams, Nick Grad, Pete Vachal 15.68
Elmer Nordsven, Gary Bjerke, Austin Johnsrud 15.60
Kevin Gault, John Wavra, Brandon Roehrich 15.35
Jeremy Candrian, Jordon Abelseth, Emett Diede 15.21
Sean Knutson, Kyle Hunt, Alan Lick 15.14
Heath Lodholtz, Kaitlyn Boes, Erika Boes 14.95
Dave Guthmiller, Chad Miller, Mike Krueger 14.83
Kenneth Paulson, Scott Arnt, Clark Crawford 14.82
Kyle Lair, John Erdman, Dean Hanson 14.52
Matt Petron, Danny Schall, Adam Dittus 14.39
Brian Lamb, Jay Sorenson, Chad Moberg 13.89
Andy Petras, Josh Santanen, Kole Brown 13.86
Kris Nielsen, Scott Seibert, Brad Brancato 13.66
Chris Peterson, Quentin Heller, Ethan Bailey 13.64
Dustin Raaum, Adam Lalim, Kris Vingor 13.53
Tommy Berscheid, Delbert Glaser, Boyd Meduna 13.27
Chris Fonck, Scott Draper, Larry Bryant 12.94
Jason Hill, Kris Johnsrud 12.63
Derek McKinzie, Kory Bjorgen, Bruce Mortenson 12.54
JJ Mortenson, Jon Hersel, Cole Keeler 12.46
Neil Birkeland, Alexi Kueffler, Jay Wells 12.36
Ricky Marquardt, Steve Gendreau, Ed McLain 12.15
Shawn Ruffie, Randy Perry, John Keller 12.02
Ron Erdmann, Jean Erdmann, Brett Erdmann 11.87
Casey Dollinger, John Fetzer, Jared Williams 11.86
Marshall Johnson, Arnold Karsky, Davis Shockman 11.79
Pearl Gillespie, Sheldon Schneider, Doug Deren 11.43
Eric Harmel, Mick Kornkven, Jeff Holte 11.37
Chuck Knetter, Josh Hitchcock, Justin Clyde 10.37
Nicholas Kuehl, Jeffery Jackson, Derrick Hecker 9.86
Dan Almer, Justin Milleren, Cory Haller 0.00
Cody Silbernagel, Bryan Decker, Travis Simnioniw 0.00
Darren Schmidt, Jim Agre, Scott Andren 0.00
Tim Furlong, Mark Weiler, Tyler Cymbaluk 0.00
Mike Deserly, Brandon Lindley, Russ Thomas 0.00
John Lisle, Andrew Mitchell, Clayton Carmack 0.00
Tony Lee, Ed Shypkowski, Jason Privratsky 0.00
Northern Energy Services 0.00


Daniel Nitsch, Rick Ellingson, Rich Aisenbrey 17.27
Tyler Dokken, Jason Haugen, Alex Vournas 16.92
Steve Hackley, Mark Schaubhut, Derek McKeil 16.59
Andrew Fiskejon, Justin Scarborough 16.36
Scott Meschke, Matthew Kostelecky, Brad Miller 16.10
Pearl Gillespie, Bob Steede, Duane Klabunde 15.53
Tyson Schwartz, Channon Romo, Elmer Nordsven 15.16
John Walsh, Nick McCormick, Loren Smith 15.03
Craig Gaube, Kurt Ruzicka, Jason Sackman 15.01
Larry Dokken, Ron Ness, Channing Dokken 14.45
Trevor Vanette, Andy Gendreau, Nte Tangedal 14.33
Austin Nielsen, Cory Landverk 14.23
Eric Harmel, Mike Kornkuen, Jeff Holte 13.89
Shane Cardinal, Lynn Keller, Brandon Roehrich 13.26
Howard Parsons, Mark Fliginger, Mike Armstrong 12.74
Jeff Skaare, Dan Rdke, Jake Geltel 12.72
Ken Tupa, Dave Searle, Paul Olon 12.70
Adam Naatz, Logan Derynck, Alex Eichberg 12.53
Tony Lee, Ed Shypkowski, Jason Privatsky 12.25
Brad Knutson, Todd Knutson, Craig Hystad 12.11
Jared Enger, Bill Morris, Dave Ruffie 12.00
Jesse Bradley, Syd Lahtinen, Nate Lahtinen 11.99
Alan Lick, Sean Knutson, Kyle Hunt 11.69
Joe Ness, Shelly Shelby, Lynn Helms 11.67
Kerry Lockrem, Jeremy Almond, Jon Rahkola 11.65
Jordan Vance, Jason Wolla, Rick Wolla 11.63
Troy Kessel, Eric Dvorak, Jason Messer 11.29
Bob Weir, Keith Harilstad, Jeff Schrock 11.15
Jon Bredding, Jacob Renne, Brooks Holmen 10.66
Todd Hartleben, Jame Todd, James Landenberger 10.60
Ira Walter, Andy Petras, Kole Brown 10.18
Dusty Raaum, Zach Zaste, Chris Mortenson 10.06
Neil Birkeland, Jay Wells, Alexis Kueffler 9.92
Kris Johnsrud, Chris Fonck, Mark Benway 9.90
Ryan Kopseng, Mike Reichert, Paul Cownie 9.87
Mark Bakke, Zach Balcom, Mike Vaira 9.69
Trevor Speldrich, Jason Gilbert, Suzie Speldrich 9.58
Brett Erdmann, Craig Bell, Luke Lahtinen 9.48
Bob Hvinden, Jaime Tamez, Andy Davison 9.14
Joe Grimmer, Quentin Heller, Ethan Bailey 9.08
Barry Bohannon, Luke Romo, Toby Romo 8.86
Cary Longie, Terry Moe, Garrett Rehak 8.86
Jeff Bares, Travis Hennix, Conrad Morgan 8.70
Warren Hoffman, John Linseth, Damian Paulson 8.64
Jake Jackson, Jordan Abelseth, Joe Gruhlke 8.29
Bruce Mortenson, Kory Bjorgen, Ryan Okland 8.18
Dan Braun, Tom Watroba, Cody Silvernagel 7.99
Jack Paris, Bruce Hoveland, Stacey Tschider 7.66
Darren Schmidt, Matt Lindley 7.06
Greg Berquist, Butch Heide, Carl Torgramson 6.87
Shawn Ruffie, John Keller, Randy Perry 6.09
Cory Lennartson, Tony Kueffler, Steve Schmaltz 5.92
John Uran, Rob Bryant, Kylie Hersel 5.91
Tony Straquadine, Dan Munthe, Mike Ness 5.26
Scott Ried, Shawn Froseth, Tim Harris 4.87
John Harju, Ed Steadman, Greg Steiner 4.83
Darwin Krabbenhoft, Kyle Hartel, Kalen Hartel 4.75
Michael Lindsey, Ron Weigum, Derrick Roller 4.67
Kris Nelson, Pete Marquart, Scott Seibert 3.30
Brian Hodnefield, Dennis Helberg, Derek Mitchell 2.33
Carson Hood, Whitney Bell, Travis Hallm 2.10
Lee Addicott, Korey Stammen, Jake Nelson 1.99
Derek McKinzie, Gary Bjerke, Rob Rider 0.00
Jim Grosulak, Albert Prado, Bob Murphy 0.00
Dustin Logan, Buddy Benedict, Pat Knipp 0.00
Ben Tarap, Kelly Thomas, Wayne Wangerud 0.00
Daniel Nitsch, Rick Ellingson, Rich Aisenbrey 15.84
Harry Smith, Kyle Hartel, Kalen Hartel 14.57
John Linseth, Emett Diede, Joe Gruhlke 14.50
Jody Bartee, Zach Zaste, Nick Grad 14.19
Ron Ness, Larry Dokken, Paul Clarys 14.14
Greg Berquist, Butch Helde, Carl Thorgramson 13.36
Eric Harmel, Mick Korakven, Jeff Holte 13.15
Kris Nielsen, Pete Marquart, Josh Santanan 13.06
Chad Knox, Brad Knox, Red Knox 13.03
Jeff Skaare, Don Radke, Jake Geltal 12.98
Rick Jore, Joe Olson, Mark Lente 12.75
Jim Grosulak, Tyler Velo, Albert Prado 12.52
Kelly Heller, Carson Dokken, Jason Walter 12.37
Scott Meschke, Dave Horner, Matt Kostalecky 11.92
Mark Bakke, Chris Vaughn, Mike Vaira 11.05
Ashley Scholl, Keith Basnett, Kurt Swensen 11.04
Ryan Kopseng, Mike Reichert, Devin Carlson 10.97
Josh Uran, Rob Bryant, Jesse Puckett 10.80
Cory Lennartson, Duane Klabunde, Kerry Lockrem 10.66
Scott Rasmuson, Zeke Hanna 10.64
David Johnson, Darren Schmidt, Daniel Hanson 10.16
Brad Knutson, Todd Knutson, Craig Hystad 9.97
Pearl Gillespie, Vern Ryan, Steve Schmaltz 9.90
Tony Straquadine, Dan Munthe, Henry Juntenen 9.80
Scott Reid, Rick Comardelle, Shawn Froseth 9.77
Logan Stoner, Caleb Eide 9.59
Jack Paris, Bruce Hovland, Joe Bragg 9.55
Dean Ritter, Jordan Jensen, Lindsey Jensen 9.48
Cody Northrup, Steven Gendreau, Caleb Turcotte 9.39
Bob Hvinden, Jaime Tamez, Pete Vachal 9.37
Justin Jung, Richard Miller, Mark Evanson 9.08
Dick Travis, Rob Fetherson, Keith Maciejewski 9.05
Tyler Dokken, Brian Epperson, Jerry Reyome 9.02
Jared Enger, John Matthes, Kylie Hersel 8.52
Darold Burch, John Keller, Shawn Ruffie 8.43
Jake Jackson, Jordan Abelseth, Chad Brewster 8.30
Shane Cardinal, Lynn Keller, Bob Steede 8.29
Dan Braun, Pete Braun, Tom Watroba 8.01
Shawn Barney, Bobby Erickson, Wayne Olson 7.89
Andrew Fisketjon, Jeremy Olson, Spencer Eddy 7.87
Austin Placek, Jon Breding, Bob Wilkinson 7.80
John Harju, Ed Steadman, Greg Steiner 7.57
Brian Skabo, Brooks Holmen, Cha Geffre 7.41
Ted Volk, Cody Tofte, Real Mercier 6.56
Dustin Raaum, George Haux, Phillip Arp 6.38
Terry Fleck, Dave Searle, Ken Tupa 6.05
Kevin Mischke, Kyle Mischke, Dale Mischke 5.07
Neil Birkeland, Alexis Kueffler, Jay Wells 4.97
Elmer Nordsven, Jason Dekker, Tyson Schwartz 4.96
Gary Bjerke, Rod Nelson, Derek McKinzie 4.31
Don Hochhalter, Duane Haugen, Matt Haugen 3.99
Ricky Marquardt, Jeremy Fowler, Ron Wert 3.64
Lee Addicott, Korey Stammen, Steve Douglas 3.41
Alan Lick, Sean Knutson, Kyle Hunt 2.85
John Walsh, Nick McCormarck, TJ Herrmann 2.71
Wade Bail, Dave Ruffie, JJ Mortenson 2.52
Scott Grani, Shane Julian, Steve Lund 2.30
Travis Hennix, Josh Bruce, Jeff Bares 1.86
Robert Weir, Joe Bernhardt, Kurt Ruzicka 1.48
Barry Bohannon, Dick Ramsdell, Trevor Bohannon 1.44
Dean Mostad, Kathleen Spilman, Ryan Kinz 1.37
Warren Hoffman, Bob Raup, Damian Paulson 0.00
Howard Kim Parson, Mark Fliginger, Mark Armstrong 0.00
Don Nordquist, Ron Weigum, Michael Lindsey 0.00
Ian Vestal, Jason Slater, Randy St. Pierre 0.00
Todd Hartleben, Chad Miller, Jame Todd 0.00
James DeMorrett, James Parker, Kristy Aasheim 0.00
Robert Bowen, Chris Lewis, Craig Falgout 0.00
Eric Dvorak, Steve Ludwig, Jason Messer 0.00


David Johnson, Darren Schmidt, Daniel Hanson 18.12
Jack Paris, Bruce Hoveland, Stacey Tschider 17.31
Tyler Dokken, Brian Epperson, Travis Rogers 17.06
Chad Simonson, Lynn Meltus, Todd Egge 16.73
Brian Hymel, Scott Meschke, Shawn Withers 15.06
Ryan Kopseng, Mike Reichert, Paul Cownie 14.84
Kim “Howard” Parson, Mark Fliginger, Mike Armstrong 14.35
Nick Grad, Tracy Berstrom 14.17
Cory Lennartson, Bob Steede, Vern Ryan 13.96
Dick Ramsdell, Wayne Olson , Shawn Barney 13.70
Jake Jackson, Chad Brewster, Jordan Ableseth 13.45
Jeff Skaare, Don Radke, Jake Geltal 13.42
Kurt Fixen, Randy Murie, Jami Murie 12.87
Carl Thorgramson, Greg Berquist, Butch Helde 12.80
Gerald Schubert, Scott Boyce, Jason Messer 12.56
Pearl Gillespie, Kerry Lockrem, Steve Schmaltz 12.53
Joey Olson, Dan Lervick, Rick Jore 12.33
Ryan Krapp, Todd Hartleben, Mike Cook 11.99
Kurt Swenson, Bob Weir, Bill Carragher 11.89
Mike Borla, Rod Nelson, Bruce Mortenson 11.46
Larry Dokken, Ron Ness, Lynn Helms 11.45
Alan Lick, Rick Carns, Kyle Hunt 11.14
Jim Haugen, Natasha Haugen, Kelley Rankin 10.93
Terry Fleck, Dave Searle, Ken Tupa 10.46
Jeffery Bares, Steve Smith, Travis Hennix 10.44
Chad Yohe, Dale Poeckes, John Morgan 10.07
Neil Birkland, Dolly Ramsey, Alexis Kueffler 9.60
Elmer Nordsven, Jason Dekker, Ryan Okland 9.41
Christ Marshall, Tanner Sandstrom, Paul White 9.23
Austin Placek, Jon Breding, Jared Enger 9.07
Greg Steiner, Ed Steadman, John Harju 8.77
John Walsh, Nick McCormick, Scott Arent 8.65
Ron Weigum, Derick Roller, Mike Lindsey 8.50
Levi DeMorrett, Kelly Domingue, Nicole Meredith 8.12
Duane Joslyn, Mike Waliezer 8.01
Logan Stoner, Angelo Vournas, Mitch Kok 7.77
Wade Garman, Mel Iverson, Kevin Hoff 7.72
Dick Travis, Rob Fetherson, Nick Sterner 7.43
James DeMorrett, Lance Hrncir, Patrick McCauley 7.29
Henry Juntenen, Tony Straquadine, Dan Munthe 6.91
Kris Nielsen, Peter Marqurt, Scott Siebert 6.87
Ian Vestal, Jason Slater, Randy St. Pierre 6.51
Derek McKenzie, Gary Bjerke, Jerry Wells 6.49
Kelly Heller, Jim Drader, Benita Wald 6.49
Steve Douglas, Ray Captain, Tom Lonier 6.36
Scott Grani, Mike Gutknecht, Bill Carragher 6.35
Chad Barstad, Josh Wolla, Larry Barstad 5.88
Mike Peterson, Brent Hasvold, Cole Keeler 5.49
Brad Knutson, Todd Knutson, Craig Hystad 5.18
Scott Reid, Ricky Comardelle, Shawn Froseth 5.13
Eric Gilbert, Jason Barrett, Barry Bohame 5.00
Tom Vassen, Daniel Nitsch, Nicholas Strand 4.79
Josh Uran, Jesse Puckett, Rob Bryant 4.47
Jim Grosulak, Tyler Belo, Albert Prato 3.95
Wade Bail, Dave Ruffie, Kylie Hersel 2.89
Larry Langenfeld, Chad Knox, Regan Taylor 2.07
Don Hochhalter, Matt Haugen, Duane Haugen 1.47
Jordan Jenson, Lindsey Jensen, Dean Ritter 0.00
Dan Braun, Dex Comardelle 0.00
John Keck, Chris Lewis, Derrick Lindemann 0.00
Brian Hymel-5 Diamond Fund Managers, Scott Meschke, Ken Schandelmeier 22.09
Chad Yohe-Nabors, Jason Bulliet, Cameron Keeney 19.66
Logan Stoner-Hess, Angelo Vournas, Steve Peterson 18.72
Arlan Anderson-LTR, Shannon Belik, Shawn Iwen 18.41
Don Hochhalter-Spartan, Matt  Haugen, Duane Haugen 17.75
Brad Knutson-Industrial Equipment, Todd Knutson, TBD 17.12
Kris Nielsen-Aux Sable, Scott Seibert, Brian Dolezal 16.92
Jake Jackson-WPX Energy, Derik Anderson, Dustin Anderson 16.90
Gary Dorval-Slawson, Neil Dorval, Nelson Dorval 16.65
Konell Rhone-Power Fuels, Mel Iverson, Conrad Ellis 16.27
Kurt Swenson-Corval Group, Dean Silbernagel, Pete Hale 15.67
Logan Pape-Halliburton, Elden Miller, Lane Johnson 15.60
Ryan Kopseng-Rainbow, Blu Hulsey, Paul Cownie 15.54
Terry Fleck-API/ND Energy Forum, Ken Tupa, Dave Searle 15.30
Austin Placek-Continental, Jared Enger, Jon Breding 15.20
Jordan Jensen-Oasis, Alex Carlsen, Lindsey Jensen 15.04
John Harju-EERC, Ed Steadman, Greg Steiner 14.67
Christ Marshall-WPX Energy, Tanner Sandstrom, Jesse Wilber 14.63
Jay Belden-Halliburton, Chad Nelson 14.36
Chris Carter-JW Energy, Mike Ness, Lynn Moser 14.28
Jon Fevold-Whiting, Tony Kucera, Kyle Miller 13.80
Don Nordquist-PetroHunt, Ron Weigum, Mike Lindsey 13.62
Shawn Barney-Wallwork Truck Center, Bob Erickson, Wayne Olson 13.34
Jim Grosulak-Wyoming Csg, Albert Pardo, Tyler Yelo 13.30
Casey Heller-Heller Casing, Robert Ferrell, Dana Lutz 13.30
David Johnson-Power Fuels, Brent Miller, Darren Schmidt 13.13
Clayton Folden-Jacam Chemicals, TJ Honeyman, Richard Miller 12.72
David Mecham-Casedhole Solutions, Dustin Raaum, Jody Bartee 12.65
Joey Olson-Power Fuels, Mark Feland, Rory Sanford 12.57
Kevin Anonsen-Oasis, James DeMorrett, Justin Williams 12.56
Nick McCormick-Loti II LLC, John Walsh, Scott Arnt 11.95
Mike Peterson-Continental, Dave Ruffie, Kelly Thomas 11.86
Steve Douglas-MBI Energy Services, Kris Goertz, Ray Captain 11.84
Jeff Bartholomew-Whiting/JP Morgan, Peter Dolan, Peter Sherlock 11.81
Larry Dokken-FCI/NDPC, Ron Ness, John Ness 11.27
Kim Parson-Parson Oil Prop., Mark Fliginger 11.16
Tyler Dokken-Hess, Brian Epperson, Tony Straquadine 11.15
Scott Reid-Nabors, Shawn Froseth, Neil Birkeland 10.82
Carson Hood-Corval Group, Rich Mayer, Whit Bell 10.34
Mike Reishus-Key Energy Services, Brock Braun, Dylan Deseth 10.10
Jim Haugen-Statoil, Natasha Haugen, Kelley Rankin 9.94
Mark Metz-Oasis, Levi Demorrett, Kelly Domique 9.92
Dean Ritter-Heller Casing, Jed Heller, Ben Compton 9.82
Brett Anderson-Corval Group, Scott Grant, Rich Budde 9.27
Josh Uran-Continental, Guy Aman, Brad Aman 9.10
Ed Ridl-Carbo Ceramics, Spencer Stone, Michael Rogers 6.22
Dick Travis-Veit Companies, Rob Fetherson, Rich Northburg 4.81
Joe Linegar-Rain for rent, Chad Barstad, Darren Medlock 4.60
Cory Lennartson-Enbridge, Duane Klabunde, Kerry Lockrem 0.00
Shane Cardinal-Enbridge, Steve Schmaltz, Bob Steede 0.00