Sweet Briar School students receive toy trucks from Hess Corporation to learn STEM

BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) – Students at Sweet Briar School in Mandan received toy truck donations from the Hess Corporation in North Dakota.

Each year, Hess donates about 6,700 truck to elementary schools in the state to provide students with science, engineering, technology and mathematics instruction and awareness of the importance of first responders.

This year, students received an ambulance and rescue truck and along with it, curriculum that shows applied math and science principles that emergency responders use daily.

Christmas is a little less than two months away, but students at Sweet Briar School received an early gift this holiday season, and kids think it’s cool.

“It’s awesome. I really like the noises it makes,” said fourth-grader Eli Mchugh.

Teachers said curriculum designed around toys makes teaching a breeze.

“So it doesn’t take a lot of planning on the teacher’s part. We can kind of get in there and find some lessons that are going to work really well, which as a teacher with limited time, that’s an amazing addition, and we have all the supplies,” said Mary Mchugh, Sweet Briar School Principal and lead teacher for grades four through eight.


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