The oil and natural gas found right here in North Dakota is getting us closer to energy independence, allowing the U.S. to lessen dependence on foreign energy sources. North Dakota produces on average more than 1 million barrels of oil per day in 2022, making it the number three oil producer in the U.S. behind only Texas and New Mexico.

North Dakota’s rise as a leader in oil production has helped the country as a whole become the world’s No. 1 producer in both oil and natural gas, strengthening the nation’s energy security.

The industry has also grown more efficient over the past two decades. The average rig in 2006 could drill just nine wells with an initial production of 23,600 barrels while the average rig in 2022 drilled 21 wells with average initial production of 117,500 barrels.

North Dakota’s oil and gas industry has had a tremendous impact on the state’s economy. Learn more about the economic impacts here.




How does North Dakota's production compare on a global scale?

Through 2021, the United States was the world's largest oil producer, and Texas alone would rank as the fourth largest producer in the world while North Dakota ranked in the top 20 world producers.

This graph shows just how important North Dakota is to our nation's energy security.


(including lease condensate)

Ranking Country Barrels Per Day
1 United States        11,254,000
2 Russia          10,112,000
3 Saudi Arabia          9,313,000
Texas          4,766,000
4 Canada          4,439,000
5 Iraq          4,085,000
6 China          3,988,000
7 Iran          3,110,000
8 United Arab Emirates          3,091,000
9 Brazil         2,905,000
10 Kuwait          2,527,000
11 Norway          1,776,000
12 Kazakhstan          1,761,000
13 Norway          1,713,045
14 Mexico          1,734,000
Gulf Offshore          1,707,000
15 Qatar          1,304,000
New Mexico 1,253,000
16 Libya          1,238,000
Ranking Country Barrels Per Day
17 Algeria      1,134,000
18 Angola     1,127,000
North Dakota    1,110,000
19 Oman         971,000
20 United Kingdom        809,000
21 Colombia         736,000
22 Azerbaijan          711,000
23 Indonesia         659,000
24 India         611,000
25 Venezuela         595,000
26 Egypt         561,000
27 Malaysia          511,000
28 Argentina        507,000
29 Ecuador          473,000
Alaska           437,000
Colorado          420,000
Oklahoma          392,000
California           369,000
30 Australia           334,000

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