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T4 Covid Precautions

Although the T4 events are still several months away, we will continue to monitor the situation and use the North Dakota Smart Restart Blue/Green Risk Level Standard Precautions Phase to ensure the health and safety of our students, teachers and instructors. Our safety plan includes the following:


The T4 Program will follow the ND State Standards and will adhere to the General Standards for all industries and the Venue Standards; including cleaning protocols for tables, equipment, restrooms and other high-touch surfaces.  T4 will work with the venue to assign a space if a sick student is identified during the day.  A mask will be placed on the student if they are able to tolerate wearing one and the student will remain in quarantine until they can be picked up.



  • All T4 instruction is delivered in-person with some building and group modifications.
  • Student groups will be limited to 10 students and one teacher/advisor per group.
  • The group will be assigned their sessions, and will stay in the same group throughout the day (including lunch). A detailed schedule and name badges will be provided prior to arrival.
  • Movement and Activity – Social Distancing:  Occupancy of indoor and outdoor spaces and gathering sizes will be limited to follow social distancing guidelines.  If there is no way to control access of entry (egress) of outdoor spaces, T4 will spread out activities to double the normal footprint.



  • Maintain 6 feet of social distancing
  • Wear face coverings (students may remove face coverings if the class/demonstration is held outside)          
  • Provide signage and mark 6-foot increments where lines form
  • Provide six feet of distance between tables and 12 feet of distance between demonstration areas
  • Use outdoor spaces when feasible.
  • Hand sanitizer and tissues will be readily available for use by students and staff.

T4 will request participants to stay home when sick, wear face coverings, clean hands often and cover coughs and sneezes. Participating school districts may have additional protocols that students must follow.

For additional information, please contact Marilyn Kipp at NDT4T-mkipp@midco.net.